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1. general information

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Randstad Holding nv is a public limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in the Netherlands and listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The registered office of the company is in Amsterdam. The address of the company is Diemermere 25, 1112 TC Diemen, The Netherlands.

The consolidated financial statements of Randstad Holding nv include the company and its Group companies (together called the ‘Group’).

1.1 Activities

Randstad specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resources services. Our services comprise temporary staffing and permanent placements. We also offer on-site workforce management, as well as other HR services, such as payroll services and outplacement.

1.2 Date of authorization of issue

The financial statements were signed and authorized for issue by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board on February 18, 2014. The adoption of the financial statements and the adoption of the dividend are reserved for the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) on April 3, 2014.