Certain statements in this website concern prognoses about the future financial condition, risks, investment plans and the results of operations of Randstad Holding and its operating companies, as well as certain plans and objectives. Obviously, such prognoses involve risks and a degree of uncertainty, since they concern future events and depend on circumstances that will apply then. Many factors may contribute to the actual results and developments differing from the prognoses made in this website. These factors include, but are not limited to, general economic conditions, a shortage on the job market, changes in the demand for personnel (including flexible personnel), achievement of cost savings, changes in the business mix, changes in legislation (particularly in relation to employment, staffing and tax laws), the role of industry regulators, future currency and interest fluctuations, our ability to identify relevant risks and mitigate their impact, the availability of credit on financially acceptable terms, the successful completion of company acquisitions and their subsequent integration, successful disposals of companies, and the rate of technological developments. These prognoses therefore apply only on the date on which this website was compiled.

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